The Difference

All Gazebos are not the same! There are many differences between gazebo manufacturers-The 4 main differences between gazebo manufacturers are sizes, shape, material and quality.

All gazebos are not created equal. There is no standard regarding gazebo size so it’s important to know that each company has their own way of sizing and pricing. For instance, the gazebo sizes at are measured outside flat to flat. The gazebo walls are only inset on the floor a few inches. Many companies use the outside measurement for the size of the gazebo, however it is important to note that the gazebo walls may be set in more than a few inches, this would cause the inside square footage to be a lot less.

We’ve listed some standard gazebo sizes below, ours on the left and the competition on the right- as you can see, what we call a 12’ gazebo is quite different from what they call a 12’ gazebo-ours is almost 20% bigger!

Three Season Gazebos

The Other Guys

12′ Octagon (8 Sided)


12′ Septagon (7 Sided)


14′ Octagon (8 Sided)


14′ Septagon (7 Sided)


16′ Octagon (8 Sided)


16′ Octagon (8 Sided)


18′ Decagon (10 Sided)


18′ Octagon (8 Sided)